In this day and age, having your social media links on your website is becoming a must! It helps your site get found by Google as well as help people learn about who you are. On our system, it is extremely easy. Here's how: 

Adding social media to your website can be done from any page within "Content". Hover your mouse over where it says “Add your social links here by clicking the config icon” and click the icon in the top left (depending on which design you are using, the social link location could be on the top or bottom of the site).

On the popup, you can pick which links you would like to add. Simply click the checkbox next to it and complete the link. 

To customize the links further, you can adjust the links color and size using the two dropdown menus under “Options”. 

When you are happy with your links, you can rearrange their appearance as you wish by simply dragging and dropping the icons. When you are done click "Confirm". 

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our support team! 

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