Chances are, you have a video - maybe two - that you want to add to the site. Here's how to do that: 

From the Dashboard, click the “Videos” button (as an alternative, you can click the “M” in the top left corner followed by the “Videos” button there). 

The click the "Add" button that shows up on the new screen. A popup will appear. 

Click on the “Upload” button which will open your computer and you can select out the video you want to use. Now, type in the name of your video and the description while it begins the loading process. The blue bar will move across the screen and then disappear. When it does, click the “Save” button. If for any reason the video doesn't appear after you click "Save", try uploading it again. We have many clients on our system and it could be your video was attempting to load at the same time as another user and caused it to fail.

Now, the video is saved so that it can be put on your website. Upload as many videos as you want, and use all that you need to create your dream website. 

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our support team! 

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