One thing you might want to do is personalize the page names on your website. This is very simple to do, as well as many other things. Here's the basics:

From the Dashboard, click the “Pages” button (as an alternative, you can click the “M” in the top left corner followed by the “Pages” button there)

At the top of the column, you will see a “+Add” button. This will create a new page and let you name it. There are different options on where the page will be placed. If you want to create a subpage, select the option: “Child of Selected”. 

If you see a page you want to rename, click on that page name, then edit the "Title" as well as the "URL Path" (always end with a “/”). 

Once you are finished, click the "Save" button and you can then view your new pages via "Edit Content". 

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