Building a site and want to adjust the stock coloring? Here's how:

To adjust the color of the design chosen, go to Content and click the green "Customize" button. A box will appear on the screen with different options (these options differ from one design to the next). 

To adjust a color, click on the item you want to adjust (i.e. Text Color, Heading Color, Link Color, etc). 

A shaded box will appear with a colorful column next to it. Click in the column and drag (up or down) until you find the color you are looking for. You can then adjust it further by moving the dot around in the shaded box. 

Play around with the colors until you find something you truly love. 

Once you have the color you want, Click "Save" and allow it to load. Now click the "Back" button and the controls will disappear. 

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our support team! 

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