When building a website, one of the first things you will need to do is pick a design to base your build off. Here's how to get started:

From the dashboard, click the “Design” button (as an alternative, you can click the “M” in the top left corner followed by the “Design” button there).


Once on the Design page, look through our themes and “Install” the one you would like to try out. 

Now, click the “Manage content” button to start building your site. 

You are able to change themes whenever you want. This could be because you don’t like the theme you are working on or you’ve decided to create a new look.

As a quick note, the themes differ from one to the next, and because of this, not all your information will transfer over. Should you go back to a former theme, the information should still be there from the time before assuming you didn't make any changes before switching back. 

Need more help? Feel free to reach out to our support team! 

Technical Support



Need technical assistance? 

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